Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Furniture Sale - Home Sleep Home - Mesa, AZ

Home Sleep Home is a family owned and operated furniture store in Supersition Springs Mall (where Mervyns use to be)

  • Great customer service
  • Great knowledge of products
  • Gave me a great deal
  • I will return!
I went to Home Sleep Home looking for a new mattress - mine is older than my oldest child - NOT GOOD!

I tried 7 or 8 of them including 1 ORGANIC

The salesperson asked tons of questions to match the perfect mattress to my needs & wants

I finally narrowed my search to 3 mattresses - 2 Sealys (1 foam 1 latex) & a Stearns & Foster

They asked me to lie down a minimum of 15 minutes on each mattress to make sure it gave me the comfort and support I wanted - I learned that it takes about 30 days to get used to a new mattress.

They have a washable mattress protector that prevents moisture, dust & dander from getting to mattress. If you don't use this special kind of mattress protector, your mattress can double in weight every 8- 10 yr. YUCK!  Also, not using a mattress protector can void the warranty if an adjuster sees stains on the mattress. Interesting, huh?

I was at Home Sleep Home days before the Labor Day weekend - yet, they offered to me the Labor Day sale price.  I liked that!

Although the store is called Home Sleep Home, they also have a lot of other furniture.  And, I saw several pieces that I really liked - I'll be back!